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The Glory. Then and now

It was 1985. We were young and irresponsible. We had brought kids into the world and if that wasn't enough, we needed to start a new Oi ! band. Timo and myself were all about it! A proper Oi ! band in the vein of Sham 69.

No metal for us.....! After months of auditions we finally got the ball rolling and started to play gigs. With a handful of rocking songs, we soon became popular with the local nutcases, punks, scooter boys and anyone who wanted to get down! In 1986 we got our first break with the legendary Oi ! Records, on the strength of a boombox tape ! Our first release was Oi ! classic "Skins 'n' Punks volume 3"

Recorded on a Saturday with beer and chips! Very well received it was too!! However even before the disc hit the stores we were in need of a new rhythm section. We didn't mess about... Things were happening. With a new bass player and drummer on board we got picked up by none other than LINK RECORDS!!! We forged ahead, with new songs, gigs around the country and prepared to go into the studio to record the next album. This one!! "We Are What We Are"

We had taken a lot longer to record this than the previous one. However, we had fallen slightly short and had to resort to a few covers and a re-recorded version of the crowd favourite, " Clockwork Land" Gigs were not easy to come by back then especially for an Oi! band with a particular boisterous and beer loving crew in tow! Timo had managed to procure a gig at the legendary Princess Charlotte. He had somehow convinced the owner to book The Glory with a fantastic fib that we were a "Blues band"!! He fell for it! and needless to say, it was the first and last time we played there.

It was now 1989 and what should have been a productive period for us ... was not. Difficulty getting gigs and the dreaded writers block. Frustration set in and we made the decision to put the band on hiatus for a while. Myself and, on again off again drummer Gaz Johnson, left for the U.S. to pave the way for The Glory to tap into the hugely popular Oi! explosion going on at that time. Things looked promising. We blagged Al Sullivan (bass), formerly of Moonstomp. Purchased equipment, practised, lined up gigs and waited. Family commitments prevented Timo from making the journey to "the promised land". We played some gigs without him but it wasn't the same. Gaz headed home... I stayed.

Over the years that have passed, we have gotten together many times to rehearse in England, you know, for our "comeback gig"!! Myself and Timo with Gaz and either Steve or Colin. We have even worked on a few new songs that never got passed "worked on".

So 2010 rolled around and i decided to get my arse in gear and make things happen. In June of that year The Glory did an East coast tour of the U.S. ! Al Sullivan came back and performed bass duties. Did we pack stadiums? Haha! No! did we have a good time? Yes, we did !! And we proved something. That we could still do it !! Those songs still had bollocks! And ... They STILL DO!! Will we get together and play them again? Live? Yes, I'm sure we will at some point. But for now, play this loud as you like, and we hope to see you again..... soon !! Oi! Oi!

Mark McGee Feb 2015

Kev Timson July 2016 typed all this out under duress :)


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